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Animal-Assisted Interventions & 

Restorative Pet Care &

Dog Training for 

Individuals, Families,

Organizations & Classrooms


        Are you:


- A recovery specialist or mental/behavioral health practitioner, looking for creative ways to sustain client participation in treatment, and increase treatment efficacy? 


- A teacher, individual, or family seeking fun and unique educational activities that expand positive behavioral outcomes in both learners and pets at home? 


- An individual looking to maximize health & wellness through the bond and lifestyle you share with your pet(s)?

- An organization in search of loving therapy animals to visit with your patients, residents, students or clients for an inevitable serotonin boost?

If so, learn how our services could benefit YOU! 

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Behavioral Health &

Recovery Interventions

We complement your organization's *Teletherapy offerings through innovative therapy animal integration into mental & behavioral health treatments for adults, adolescents, children & families.

We come equipped with our own curriculum, called Pawsitive Coping Skills, which is an adaptation of the evidence-based Seeking Safety material. We are also also happy to work with your staff to create customized programming that meets the specific needs of your organization and clients.

Pawsitive Coping Skills incorporates 

- Trauma-informed SUD recovery

- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques

- Social & Emotional Learning  competencies 

- Play & other experiential therapy practices &

- Science-based dog training


*Serving Bakersfield, CA in-person 

Animal-Assisted Education

We offer an array of one-of-a-kind educational experiences for youth of all ages! Our fun and engaging distance learning courses are designed for your two- and four-legged kiddos to participate in together from home! In addition to learning practical skills that parents will see manifest as their children taking on responsibility for some of the family pets' daily care, learners will practice viable life and leadership skills that include calm, clear communication, energy management (in themselves and their dogs), empathy for self and others, boundary-setting, patience and impulse control, and the value of positive reinforcement. H2H distance learning courses can also be adapted as behavioral health  interventions or school assemblies.

*Serving Bakersfield, CA in-person 

Restorative Pet Care 

& Dog Training

We work with pet dogs and their families, and also service and therapy dog teams, to empower healthy interdependence, address disruptive behavior, and set all members of the "family pack" up for success in a functional and harmonious human-animal household. Restorative Pet Care is a course designed for people and their pets to participate in together from home, which educates pet owners on best practices for dog handling and behavior management that also have therapeutic implications for the handler. We also offer personalized, one-on-one training, in which we're glad to cover basic and advanced obedience, AKC test preparations, redirection and resolution of unwanted behaviors, service tasks, public access readiness, and much more.

*Serving Bakersfield, CA in-person 

Comfort Visits with Therapy Dogs

Soon enough, our animal-assisted activities will resume in the physical world. At which point our certified therapy animals will be available for visits to special needs classrooms, community events, birthday parties, funeral services, day centers for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, and anywhere else we may be of service. During these visits,  handlers are happy to answer questions and do training demonstrations, while participants enjoy loving on the dogs! All H2H therapy dogs have been thoroughly vetted, and have undergone the training necessary to be consummate professionals in their field. IF YOU HAVE A DOG YOU'D LIKE TO BECOME A THERAPY DOG, LET US KNOW!



*Serving Bakersfield, CA in-person 

What a Few of Our Clients Have Said

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My symptom improvement during group was the direct result of the cat and dog.


Even via Zoom the benefit of the animals is incredible. I can hardly explain it; it's just so substantial, and so important. 


(Adolescent group member)

The dog and cat kept trying over and over. They show me that, no matter how many times it takes, to just keep trying and eventually it will happen for you. 

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