We teach people and pets 

how to bring out the best in themselves and each other through restorative & educational programs designed with both two- and four-legged family members’ ultimate well-being in mind. 

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Coping Skills

We contract with licensed mental health practitioners, occupational & physical therapists, and SUD recovery specialists, to provide goal-driven animal-assisted interventions in group and individual treatment settings.


                 Learn how our

Certified therapy animals can: 


- STRENGTHEN the therapeutic alliance between patients and health care providers

- ENHANCE an integrative health care plan with the evidence-based, alternative and complementary healing that only animals can provide; and

- ADDRESS co-occurring disorders to PTSD and substance abuse - such as depression & anxiety - while empowering clients to learn and practice safe and healthy coping in place of compulsive or addictive behaviors.














For adults ages 18+ 

and teens ages 12-17 

Both Virtual and COVID-safe *in-person options available (*for Kern County/CA residents) 


Homeschool for

kids and dogs!


We offer live, interactive courses for at-home learners and their pets!


            Some examples of

          Our classes include:


- UNPLUG & PLAY Engagement with animals in fun and structured ways provides an effective alternative to the sitting-and- staring-at-screens imposed by technology. Furthermore, this interactivity is mutually beneficial to both children and pets

- FRISKY FITNESS P.E. Do your kids - and your dogs - need an outlet for getting exercise, blowing off steam, managing excess energy & relieving stress and boredom? Frisky Fitness provides this outlet, while adding a physical education component to homeschooling that also has functional benefits in the household.

- PLEDG: Positivity, Leadership & Empathy in Dog Guardianship . Youth learn social-emotional principles and life skills (e.g. self-management, social awareness and relationship skills), & gain self-awareness and self- confidence, by taking on responsibility for some of their pets’ daily care






For Children ages 5-8 

Tweens ages 9-12

and Teens ages 13-17 


Virtual options available .


Behavioral Evolution

for the Whole Family


We work with service and therapy dog teams to empower productive interdependence in real-world situations. We also work with pet dogs and their families to address disruptive behavior; or simply to set all members of a "family pack" up for success in a functional and harmonious human-animal household.


The following principles guide

our training and behavior modification programs:

- Our approach is simultaneously science-based and instinct-driven.


- We do not incorporate punitive methods, philosophies or training tools in our work with dogs or their humans.

- Addressing our dogs' undesirable behavior requires a keen awareness of our own; and a willingness to change personal behavior patterns to which our dogs are often reacting when behaving in ways we don't like. 




For individuals or families with dogs

Both virtual and COVID-safe *in-person options available (*for Kern County, CA residents) 


About Us

We are a human/canine (and feline) team of animal-assisted intervention providers. Animal-Assisted Intervention (AAI) is a broad term used to describe the utilization of dogs - and other animals - in a wide range of health, education, and human service modalities, as a way of supplementing and strengthening more traditional forms of teaching and treatment. In addition to utilizing professional therapy animals in facility and classroom settings, Heel 2 Heal is adapting to the rapidly-changing world by further developing

our virtual platform; specifically so that  we 

can teach children and families how to bring

out the therapy animal in their own pets.

Our programs help pets reach their fullest

potential, while ensuring that all family/pack

members reap the most possible benefit 

from the interspecies connection they share.

Contact Us

Serving Kern County, CA in-person

& nationwide, virtually  Tel: 720-329-8101