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Animal-Assisted Interventions 

& Dog Training for a

Virtually-Connected World

        Are you:


- A mental or behavioral health practitioner looking for creative ways to sustain client participation in treatment, and increase treatment efficacy? 


- A parent seeking fun and educational content sure to expand both your kids' and your dogs' repertoire of positive behavioral outcomes? 


- A pet guardian looking for ways to maximize your and your animals' health & wellness through the lifestyle and bond you share?


If so, learn how our services might benefit you, your patients or clients, your children & family, and/or your pets! 

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Behavioral Health


We complement your organization's *Telehealth offerings through therapy animal integration in mental health & substance use disorder recovery sessions for adults and adolescents.

We're also happy to guide those interested in bringing animals into their own established therapy or counseling practices. We come with our own curriculum (an adaptation of Seeking Safety), but are also willing to create customized programming that meets the specific needs of your organization.



*Serving Bakersfield, CA in-person 

Homeschool Programs

Our fun and engaging *Zoom courses are designed for your two- and four-legged kiddos to participate in together! In addition to learning practical skills that parents will see manifest as their children taking on some responsibility for the family dog's daily care, learners will practice viable life and leadership skills inside the home that include calm, clear communication, energy management (in themselves and their dogs), empathy for self and others, boundary-setting, patience and impulse control, and the value of positive reinforcement.

*Serving Bakersfield, CA in-person 

Dog Training

We work with pet dogs and their families, and also service and therapy dog teams, to empower healthy interdependence, address disruptive behavior, and set all members of the "family pack" up for success in a functional and harmonious human-animal household. We offer personalized, one-on-one *virtual training, in which we're glad to cover basic and advanced obedience, AKC test preparations, redirection and resolution of unwanted behaviors, service tasks and public access readiness, and much more. 

*Serving Bakersfield, CA in-person 

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