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Comfort Visits with Therapy Animals

Interactions with animals are scientifically proven to aid in individuals' feelings of happiness, calmness, comfort and wellness. Allow our certified therapy animal teams to bring joy to your organization's staff, clients, patients or students (following both HIPAA regulations for client/patient confidentiality, and current CDC recommendations for COVID safety). Our therapy animals (mostly dogs, but sometimes a *kitty!) are guaranteed to:

  • Produce laughs and smiles!

  • Slow down the heart rate

  • Lower the blood pressure

  • Decrease production of the “stress chemicals” cortisol and norepinephrine

  • Increase production of the "happiness chemicals" serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin 

  • Reduce feelings of isolation, depression, loneliness, and anxiety

  • Increase a sense of security and comfort

  • Boost motivation for engagement in activity and interpersonal connectivity

*Huckleberry the three-legged wonder kitty may be available upon request; though conditions must be very quiet and groups very small to accommodate her. PLEASE be aware ahead of time whether anyone who plans to be present for the visit has an allergy to cats before requesting Huck's presence.


Please fill out the contact form, letting us know what your organization's needs are; how many people might attend the visit; and any other pertinent information you think we should know. And we will get back to you with more information about fees and scheduling. Thank you!