Animal-Assisted Education 

For Kids, Dogs & Families  

Each of the following can be taught as either a one-time event or a course that spans a number of weeks. We are happy to work with you and your family, and your learning pod mates, to customize the experience.  Participating children must have dog(s) to work with at home, and parents are welcome to join in as at-home helpers for the more challenging exercises. We are not striving for perfection, so if your dog is uncooperative at times, it's okay! Fundamentally, the goal is to get your kids and dogs up and active, having fun, playing outdoors, and learning some important skills along the way.


Unplug & Play!

With the virtual revolution of online-everything, comes more sitting and screen-staring than ever before. This can mean (for both kids and their pets) trading in physical activity, sunshine, fresh air, and interactivity for hours spent being immobile and disconnected. While we may be in the same room with our family members, the two- and 4-legged varieties alike, we are often in our own respective digital worlds; in essence miles apart. Unplug & Play a 6-week course, provides children and families an antidote. Kids, pets, & grown-ups of all ages are welcome to participate!


PLEDG = Positivity, Leadership & Empathy in Dog Guardianship

The 8-week PLEDG course is designed for students between ages 8 and 12. It integrates California’s Common Core standards for Health Education, plus the Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) model for positive behavior modification, into hands-on exercises with dogs to create an innovative learning experience with academic, social-emotional, and practical applications. Students must have a canine "study buddy" to work with, either at home or at a friend or relative's house.

  Upon completion of the PLEDG course students are able to:


       - Teach dogs basic obedience commands using Positive reinforcement

       - Understand that nurturing our inner-Leader brings out the best in ourselves and our dogs

       - Interpret dogs’ body language and emotional states through an Empathic lens

       - Describe a week in the life of a pet Dog who is not just surviving, but thriving 

       - Connect the responsibility of being a pet Guardian with the responsibility of caring for self and others.

Frisky Fitness = Physical Education + Social Emotional Skills 

Photo Mar 29, 11 19 54 PM.png

Providing children (and dogs) with enjoyable physical education experiences that boost self-esteem and bolster intrinsic motivation toward health and fitness is the name of the game! Enter Frisky Fitness - a doggone FUN program that incorporates the powerful positive impact of the human-canine bond into P.E.-style games & activities. FUN & EXERCISE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! (We aim to make all exercises doable with creative use of household and backyard items.)

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