Canine-Assisted education programs                                          

  Positivity, Leadership & Empathy in Dog Guardianship                                       


The PLEDG humane education program is designed for students between ages 8 and 14. It integrates California’s Common Core standards for Health Education, plus the Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) model for positive behavior modification, into hands-on exercises with therapy dogs to create an innovative learning experience with academic, social-emotional, and practical applications.

Upon completion of the PLEDG course students are able to:


* Teach dogs basic obedience commands using POSITIVE reinforcement

* Understand that nurturing our inner-LEADER brings out the best in ourselves and our dogs

* Interpret dogs’ body language and emotional states through an EMPATHIC lens

* Describe a week in the life of a pet DOG who is not just surviving, but thriving 

* Connect the responsibility of being a pet GUARDIAN with the responsibility of caring for self and others.

Best suited for: Classrooms or groups of students (of all ages); after-school programs; summer camps, etc.

  Frisky FitnesS 

Physical Education for Kids + Dogs                                      

With childhood obesity wreaking havoc on our youth, it's crucial that we find methods for both prevention and treatment that are fun, different, and rewarding in a whole new way. Providing kids with enjoyable physical activity experiences that boost self-esteem and bolster intrinsic motivation toward health and fitness is crucial. Enter Frisky Fitness -- a completely unique program that pairs kids and dogs as exercise partners, and incorporates the powerful positive impact of the human-canine bond into customized physical activity and game play. For example, one game called "Go Fetch" has kids racing dogs to reach thrown tennis balls. Another game, "Human Says", is played in the spirit of Simon Says, and teaches kids to observe how their energy levels -- whether high, as in during cardio exercises; or low, as in during breathing and relaxation exercises -- affect the energy level of the dogs with whom they're paired. 

Best suited for: Children of elementary or middle school age; children struggling with weight loss and/or struggling to thrive in PE class; anyone who could benefit from a fun and impactful fitness program that also helps hone social-emotional skills like leadership, communication, and teamwork.

Go Fetch!         

 Life Skills & leadership

 Through Dog Handling                        

Dogs and humans have coevolved for many thousands of years, cultivating a mutually beneficial partnership rooted in loyalty, emotional honesty, and work. Examining our dogs' behavior as an extension of our own leads to a deepened state of self-awareness. It calls on us to be accountable, humble, and responsible if our aim is to provide effective leadership to our dogs -- as well as to our children, students, staff, clients and employees. This curriculum -- taught as a 90-minute seminar, or as several separate units, to individuals in a mentor/shadowing capacity,  or to small groups of teens or adults, we explore a human-canine dynamic that sets both people and dogs up for success.  Working hands-on with therapy dogs, participants gain insight into how a few fundamental dog training principles can enhance performance in many areas of family life and work. And also gain viable job skills in dog handling, walking, and training.

Best suited for: Leadership training, Life skills, Life Coaching, or other types of corporate, professional, academic, human services, animal behavior, or community-oriented workshop or conference attendees

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