Service Dog Training

My name is Gelato. I am a yellow Labrador retriever. Liz started training me when I was a little over 7 months old. My hooman mom needs help with various mobility tasks, such as picking up and carrying items. I love the way Liz approaches each training session. She has a lot of patience. I really like it when there are times when I’m confused at what I’m supposed to do...Liz doesn’t get mad, she quickly approaches it with an alternative method of how to show me. This is because she understands that not all dogs are alike, so not all dogs learn the same way. She also helps my hooman to show her a better way for us to do our homework. My hooman spends a lot of training time with me and she’s also learned a lot from Liz as well. I love to work, and I love to learn because I want to help my hooman. Even though I recognize over 50 commands, I have a lot more to learn from Liz, so I always look forward to her visits. To say the least, we are very pleased with Liz’s dog training services! ~Gelato and Terri (my hooman)