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Effectively managing our dogs' time, energy and behavior requires of us patience, clear communication, consistent and fair leadership, and a calm, centered approach to dealing with life's daily challenges. In other words, expecting ideal behavior from our dogs requires that we be aware of, and in control of, our own behavior as well. When we meet for our first session, I will ask about the behavioral goals you envision for your dog. This could mean commands/skills you'd like your dog to learn, and/or work related to problem behavior modification. Then we will make a plan to achieve those goals by strengthening and utilizing the relationship you and your dog share -- as motivation, inspiration, and a practical framework within which you and your dog can achieve positive co-evolution toward living your best shared life.

Best suited for: Anyone who wishes to improve their dog's behavior, teach their dog new skills, and/or increase positive communication between themselves and their canine companion(s).

please contact us for more information, pricing, &/or to schedule a training session.