Join Our Team! 

Heel 2 Heal is looking for A FEW GOOD DOGS...and their Humans

Are you: 

  - A resident of Kern County (preferably Bakersfield)?

  - Ready to serve your fellow community members alongside your canine confidant?


  - Able and willing to contribute time and energy as a volunteer (in Covid-safe conditions)?

Is your dog:

  - At least two years old, fully vaccinated, healthy, well-groomed, and spayed or neutered?


  - Calm, gentle, well-mannered, even-tempered, and well-socialized in all types of public environments?


  - Highly sociable and friendly with other dogs?


  - Able to listen, focus, and walk politely on a loose leash -- even when surrounded by distractions?


  - One who's "never met a stranger"? In other words, thrilled to engage with people of all ages, shapes, sizes, dispositions and energy levels? 


  - Lacking in shyness, fear, anxiety, and reactivity or other aggressive behavioral tendencies of any kind?  


If you answered YES TO ALL of the above, please message us via the contact form to learn more about Heel 2 Heal's therapy dog evaluation & training opportunities.

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