join OUR team!

 Heel 2 Heal is looking for A Few Good Dogs...and their Humans 


* Dream of serving your community alongside your canine confidant?

* Have the desire and time to contribute as a volunteer?

* Live in Kern County (preferably Bakersfield)?



* At least one year old, fully vaccinated, healthy, well-groomed, and spayed/neutered?

* Calm, gentle, well-mannered, even-tempered, and well-socialized in all types of public environments?

* Highly sociable and friendly with other dogs?

* Able to listen, focus, and walk politely on a loose leash -- even when distracted?

* Thrilled to engage with people of all ages, sizes, shapes, colors, genders, and dispositions?

* Lacking in shyness, fear, anxiety, reactivity, and/or aggressive behavioral tendencies of any kind?  



if you answered         to the above, please message us via the contact form to learn more about our h2h therapy dog evaluation & training opportunities.