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Relationship-Centered Dog Training  


When we humans do what's required of us to fulfill our pets’ needs (not only to survive but to thrive), we end up practicing such important life and leadership skills as patience, boundary-setting, follow-through, discipline, consistency, positive projection, forward-thinking, confidence, perseverance, creativity, manifestation, and clear, calm communication. At Heel 2 Heal, our job is to help you and your pets bring out the best in one another by practicing this type of mutually-beneficial care and need-fulfillment. It's UP TO US, THE HUMANS, to start this productive ball rolling, so allow us to guide you and your pets in becoming your best selves - as individuals and as a team!


KERN COUNTY RESIDENTS: We offer one-on-one private sessions in your home, and group classes in Kernville and Lake Isabella (see below). We are also happy to meet with you on Zoom!

In-Person Group Classes in the KRV 


These low-cost, 6-week group classes will help you and your dog upgrade to the next level in your relationship - whether that means a cohesive walk together on leash, calmer and more effective communication, a deeper bond and greater understanding of one another's needs, or emBARKing on the path to becoming a therapy dog team in your community. * PLEASE NOTE: These classes are not appropriate for dogs who have shown any aggressive or overly reactive behavior toward other animals or people.



Click HERE to sign up 

Click HERE to sign up 

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Private Dog Training & Behavior Modification 

Fundamental Tenets of Our Approach:


  - Loving communication, need-fulfillment, energy management, and healthy (interdependent) relationship dynamics between dogs and their family/pack members, are fundamental to setting (dogs + people) up for success.

  - Addressing our dogs' undesirable behavior requires a keen awareness of our own; and a willingness to change personal behavior patterns in order to manifest what we hope to see in our dogs'.

  - Our approach is equal parts science-based and instinct-driven.

- We are happy to come to your home and cover any or all of the following:

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Pawsitive Foundations 



- Puppy fundamentals, including potty training & crate training

  - Basic obedience commands using positive reinforcement 

  - Walking on a loose leash

  - Integrating a new pet into the household

  - Establishing boundaries and providing structure

  - Developing healthy behavior patterns with consistent rules and daily rituals


Addressing Problem Behaviors 



  - Jumping

  - Excessive barking

  - Reactivity (i.e. lunging, barking, growling, on or off leash, in response to various triggers)

  - Separation anxiety & associated destructive behaviors

  - Not listening or following directions

  - Counter-surfing; getting into the trash, etc.

- Overexcitement and lack of focus


AKC Title

Prep Testing 


  - AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy

  - Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

  - Canine Good Citizen Advanced (CGCA)

  - Urban Canine

  - Trick Dog

  - Therapy Dog


Service Dog Tasks 



We provide consultation and training for individuals who wish to raise and/or train their own service dogs, for assistance with the following conditions:

  - Physical disabilities

  - Hearing impairment

  - PTSD

  - Autism

  - Diabetic or seizure alert

  - Therapy Dog

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